How much maintenance does Artificial Grass require ?
There is no such thing as no maintenance, especially when out doors in the garden, but washing down a couple of times a year with an approved cleaner especially if you have pets. a good brush is also helpful.

Can weeds affect artificial grass?
Namgrass artificial grass consists of a very strong weave and with a latex backing and with the weed membrane Plymouth Artificial Grass install under the grass makes for a very tough surface. any surface weeds should be weed killed and pulled out as part of a maintenance schedule. 

How long does artificial lawn last? 
The life expectancy of artificial grass depends on its usage, and environment. Plymouth Artificial Grass would expect under a normal domestic/garden usage that the life expectancy of the grass should be between 15 to 20 years but guaranteed for at least 10. 

Which artificial grass is best for pets?
Urine will not discolour the artificial grass as female dogs usually have a PH level this is normally what causes patches in real grass. The way we install is different if you have pets, we would do not install shock pad or infilling with sand as this will hold moisture and is therefore more likely to retain pet odours. We would also recommend using an approved deodoriser to eliminate the any smells and they often have the scent of a fresh cut grass. 

What does the guarantee cover ?                                                                  The main points this warranty covers are UV stabilization (no fade), the integrity of our products and ‘rot’ i.e. our products will not rot after a couple of years.

Can you Fit a washing line in the artificial grass?                                            Yes if you supply the one you want we can install at time of doing the ground works .