How to Install Artificial Grass

How To Install Artificial Grass

  • Excavate the grass area to up to 100 mm depending on ground conditions.  A deeper excavation is needed for clay and in some gardens you may need a soak away to prevent water logging. The area will need to be edged we recommend a concrete haunch so not perishable 
  • Fill the area with a open course sub base to stabailise the ground. 
  • Compact the sub base with a new compaction  plate and blind off with approx. 20 mm of sharp sand. The compacted material should be level with the top of the concrete haunch.
  • Install weed membrane and secure it to concrete haunch with a galvanized nail.
  • Install the Namgrass using a sharp knife to cut the rolls to shape and size needed.
  • If a join is required then care should be taken that the grass is from the same batch and you should cut along the lines taking care to keep the distance in between the lines the same to insure  a good join. 
  • Cut the Artificial grass  and secure the grass to the concrete haunch nailing  every 300 - 600 mm  ensuring to open the grass and avoid the grass getting twisted